Monarch Milwaukee

A tribute to Monarch

Monarch Milwaukee

Monarch was founded 1898 by Paul Asch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Originally, Monarch started developing heavy Outdoor and leather Jackets. They have been supplying the State of Wisconsin Police and later for the U.S Government. As early as 1940, Monarch has constantly been innovative, using the best technical fabrics : For the U.S Air Force they used a waterproof leather, named Aeropelt, a registered trademark. For wool products, they used Emberglo virgin wool.

ln 1941, they received their first order for the U.S Army Air Force for pilot Jacket A2 : Contract W535-AO23378

Monarch was able to get their first Government contract due to the original details tl1at no other manufacturer offered :

ln 1947 : Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, flying the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1 at an altitude of 45,000 (13,700 m), was wearing a Monarch Jacket during that memorable flight. Today this Monarch jacket is exhibited at the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.O.

  • Long collar tips with rounded points
  • Shoulder seams centered under epaulet
  • Softly rounded pockets flaps
  • Rotated inset sleeve seam
  • Vegetal horsehide
Monarch Milwaukee

Since 1950, Monarch has been a leading manufacturer of military and casual leather jackets as well as sturdy outdoors jackets made in the U.S.A. like

  • Leather Flight Jackets : A-2, M-422,
  • Sheepskin Bomber Jackets : B-3
  • Sheepskin pants, Type A-116.
  • Nylon Flight Jackets : B-15
  • Wool Peacoats, Lumberjackjackets

Since 1898, Monarch has continuously brought an amazing amount of innovation to the apparel industry and is considered today as one of the major manufacturers of outerwear of all time. lts influence and impact in this industry is considerable.